Emergency Medical/Survival Training

Basic Trauma Management for Shooters
Trauma is the number one killer of human beings worldwide. Trauma management is a critical lifesaving skill and requires as much attention as every other part of your training as a warrior. Whether the result of armed violence, a negligent discharge, or a natural disaster, there are a predictable and set of life-threatening injuries you are likely to face. This program teaches a simple and methodical approach to managing the deadliest wounds quickly, with limited resources, at the Point Of Injury. Designed to meet the needs of all armed professionals, range safety officers, and responsibly armed citizens, BTMS provides critical training in addressing the natural end-point of violence; a life-threatening traumatic injury. You will learn to use several styles of commercial tourniquets, chest seals, and get the most up to date training on hemostatic agents such as Quick Clot, Celox, and HEMCON. This 1 day course covers the kinematics of traumatic injuries, their effects on the human body, and how to manage those injuries in the field. We will concentrate on finding and treating the deadliest injuries first, identifying and handling tactical concerns during all phases of action, and Shock-Proofing the victim before EMS arrives. Topics covered; History of Tactical EMS: Thermopylae to Afghanistan, Recognition of life threatening injuries, The Anatomy and Physiology of Trauma, Re-Learning your ABCs: How Airway-Breathing-Circulation has changed, Shock-Proofing, Estimating Blood Loss in the Field, Direct Pressure: Old Reliable, Proper application of Tourniquets (1 and 2 handed), The 2011 Hemostatic Briefing, The Sucking Chest Wound: Recognition and Treatment, Application of Chest Seals, Airway Compromise and Field Expedient Treatment, Choosing and Stocking an IFAK: What you need to know, and The Tactical Algorithm: Trauma Management Under Fire Tuition: $200

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