Massachusetts LTC

Safe Carry Firearms Course
***THIS IS A LOWELL POLICE DEPARTMENT APPROVED COURSE FOR AN UNRESTRICTED LICENSE TO CARRY*** The purpose of this course is to educate potential License to Carry holders, both resident and non-resident, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on the safe use, handling and storage of firearms; methods for securing and childproofing firearms; the applicable Massachusetts General Laws relating to the possession, use, transportation, and storage of firearms; and the knowledge of operation, potential dangers and basic competency and usage of firearms. This knowledge will be developed through an interactive classroom discussion and PowerPoint presentation. This classroom atmosphere will promote rational thinking as well as a great understanding of the laws of the Commonwealth through instruction and discussion with a Federal and Massachusetts Bar Certified Attorney and/or a Massachusetts Police Training Counsel certified Law Enforcement Officer. Furthermore, the skills needed to safely handle a firearm will be developed on a safe and secure live firing range under the supervision of Range Safety Officers. Along with the development of basic firearms skills the Safe Carry Firearms Course will also educate students on the use of force and which situations warrant the use of a firearm and those that do not. Non-lethal force options as well as de-escalation techniques will also be demonstrated to better develop each student's knowledge of the responsibilities and liabilities which coincide with firearms ownership. Best practice concealed carry techniques will also be illustrated and explained as they pertain to certain situations as well as other factors based on an individuals stature and experience level. This course is the most comprehensive firearms course you will find in the area that qualifies its students to apply for an unrestricted Massachusetts License to Carry. ***THIS IS A LOWELL POLICE DEPARTMENT APPROVED COURSE FOR AN UNRESTRICTED LICENSE TO CARRY*** Fee for this course is $125.

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